My research focuses on urban political ecology, knowledge politics, and the study of environmental movements and urban collective action, with a particular interest in environmental politics of cities of the Global South. I have moved from critical studies of urban ecosystem management and biodiversity protection, to critical infrastructure studies of waste and sanitation, increasingly applying political ecological analytical lenses. Since my PhD in 2008, I have developed a career as an interdisciplinary research leader and Principal Investigator with several large projects funded from Sweden, UK, South Africa, and EU and with empirical studies in Cape Town, Kampala, New Orleans and Stockholm. I have supervised several PhD students, Postdocs and Master/Honour students and I have extensive experience in teaching and teaching administration from undergraduate to PhD level. My research has involved building extensive international networks with research groups in USA, Europe, and Africa. I have been invited as keynote speaker to various universities in Europe, USA, and Africa, including for instance University of Washington (in urban studies and ecology), University of Maryland (collective action and urban environmental movement), University of Witwatersrand (in urban political ecology), and University of Trier (in urban studies and decolonization). In total, I have more than 26 peer-reviewed publications since 2008, including 21 articles and 5 chapters with two upcoming edited volumes at MIT Press and Routledge.

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I regularly blog at these two research collectives that I have developed with others—The Situated UPE Collective and The Situated Ecologies Platform. I often re-blog posts here at (which are usually re-bloggings from the other sites).

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