Re-reading: "Why the eurozone crisis is just part of our long struggle for peace" Mark Mazower

Here is an "old" article from July 2015. But it's by Mark Mazower, a great European historian (teaching at Colombia NY!!) who wrote the best social history of any city, Thesaloniki, and when he writes about the Greek crisis as it was unravelling some 8 months back, he brings out the longer wider lines and vistas we need to see a bit clearer what's going on. 

Now with the refugee crisis unravelling through Greece and Europe, and when EU elite countries with backers are seriously considering moving the internal border inside Greece, de facto cutting Greece out, it gives yet another layer to understand old Europe with. 

His basic argument is political economic: we need EU and we can even have a euro (and now when it exist we can not have it). But we also need clear mechanism for redistribution of wealth across Europe, from wealthier countries to poorer countries, from urban to rural. And implicitly I presume, from higher classes to lower classes (read the last as big investment in public sector education, health care, child care and social grants).

Read the article here:

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