#COP21Paris an excuse to clamp down on activists

#COP21Paris an excuse to clamp down on activists

This article from Al-Jazeera summarises some grave facts of what is happening to those who mobilise for climate justice. Adding one to another its out of proportion of how the French state is responding. Below I've cut and paste a couple of incidents from the article. Strangely Al-Jazeera does not print the name of the journalist/writer (or is this typical of large media companies today, you're not supposed to know who is addressing you...?)'


French state and interior minister have issued a state of emergency after the 13 Nov Paris attacks. First for a couple of weeks. Now prolonged for three months! And maybe prolonged even longer they say. This includes banning the big climate justice demonstration on Sunday.

"But demonstrators wonder why football matches, shops and the Champs Elysees Christmas market, also attracting thousands, were allowed to go ahead, while the Place de la Republique - now a makeshift shrine and memorial site for the victims - was encircled by riot police."

Active citizens of the climate justice movement is being harassed. One activist didn't open the door and remained silent when police came to her home:

"Then, after answering a summons to appear at the police station, she was issued an order prohibiting involvement in protests for just under two weeks - the duration of COP21."

"More than two dozen people involved in environmental campaigns are under house arrest until December 12, after the climate summit ends"

"That means they're associating us with the terrorists. We're pacifists!"

The French state is "chipping away on civil liberties". Is this how States and leaders are reacting to climate justice active citizens? What and who are they protecting?

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Henrik Ernstson (PhD)
KTH Environmental Humanities, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town
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