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New book by co-worker: "Post-Industrial Landscape Scars" by Anna Storm at Palgrave Macmillan

New Book by Ashley Carse on the Panama Canal: Beyond the Big Ditch | The MIT Press

Political ecologies of Nkaneng, Marikana mining settlement

"Somos Sur" :: The need to think, analyse and act from the South—and hip hop as radical democratic practice.

What a publishing year for URBAN THEORY! Necessary books 2013-2014.

Listen to my talk at PSU in April: "Rethinking Urban Ecosystem Services". Webinar posted.

Presentation at UC Davis: "Environmental Collective Action in Cities of the Global South: The Cape Town Civic Network Study" (Oct 2013)

Key note at University of Washington: Re-thinking urban theory and ecological studies from a ‘world of cities’

Re-blogged: Between place and universalism. My Review of Lachmund's book Greening Berlin

Invited to present at University of Washington-Tacoma on "Grounding Urban Natures"

Princess Vlei won! City of Cape Town cancels shopping mall plans. Whats next?

Princess Vlei mobilises Baxter Theatre, Desmond Tutu, Video Exhibition and more…

Presented at Stanford University on Situated UPE and Ways of Knowing Urban Natures

Stop calling me RESILIENT. Comment on Tom Slater's blog post "The resilience of neoliberal urbanism"