Mobile Urbanism—book on relational city-making and its politics

This book is on my reading list. It contains an interesting chapter by Jennifer Robinson on "The Spaces of Circulating Knowledge" amongst other things. Check it out here,, or on or (of course.)

Allan Cochrane
Introduction. Urban Assemblages: Territories, Relations, Practices, and Power
Eugene McCann and Kevin Ward
1. A Counterhegemonic Relationality of Place
Doreen Massey
2. The Spaces of Circulating Knowledge: City Strategies and Global Urban Governmentality
Jennifer Robinson
3. Creative Moments: Working Culture, Through Municipal Socialism and Neoliberal Urbanism
Jamie Peck
4. Policies in Motion and in Place: The Case of Business Improvement Districts
Kevin Ward
5. Points of Reference: Knowledge of Elsewhere in the Politics of Urban Drug Policy
Eugene McCann
6. The Urban Political Pathology of Emerging Infectious Disease in the Age ofthe Global City
Roger Keil and S. Harris Ali
7. Airports, Territoriality, and Urban Governance
Donald McNeill
Conclusion. Cities Assembled: Space, Neoliberalization, (re)Territorialization, and Comparison
Kevin Ward and Eugene McCann


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