The Next Nature Movement...

I came across Next Nature - a splendid name for rethinking how we approach and think about nature.

It is aligned with those other verbal and tactical moves that aims to get at that thing 'nature' from a different angle.

Although all these words—next nature, second nature (Cronon), social nature (Castree and MacMillan), socionature, production of nature (Smith), cyborgs (Haraway, Swyngedouw, Gandy), assemblages (MacFarlane)—are embedded in broader theoretical moves, the words in themselves, as single units, are important.

All moves aims to fuse together what has been cognitively, epistemologically, ontologically and politically separated—Nature and Technology, Culture and Nature, Society and Nature. Next Nature is a good word—we came from somewhere, moving towards something, unsure about what...

They have a book—The Next Nature Book—that seems to have orignated from a blog with interesting texts and layout. Below some extracts from their homepage where they are trying to sell the book, and interest others.

Do we still have a real experience of nature, or are we living in a picture of it?

 Technology and nature - producing (next) nature, or (second) nature, or cyborgs.


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