Princess Vlei - extending the network of value articulation

The mobilization in and through Princess Vlei - as physical space and as symbol - is increasing here in Cape Town.

Extent of shopping centre
Some plans of the extent of the shopping centre is now in circulation. See image to the right, the light blue covers completely the rehabilitation project "The Dressing of the Princess" ongoing as a civic-led rehabilitation project, in collaboration with local and national government agencies since 2008.

Alternative plan
At the same time efforts are made to articulate an alternative development plan based on the values that were upheld by civic organizations from the area, now consolidated into the Princess Vlei Forum.

Extending the network of articulation
As often in these struggles of what to do with urban green space, the ability to articulate values are quite uneven. While the shopping centre, and its plan, has been quite difficult to get hold off, civic organizations needs to mobilize networks, skills and resources to be able to circulate their visions, to sensitize the general public, politicians. Both radio, neighborhood press, city-wide newspapers (especially Cape Times), and a film documentary crew are now involved, alongside Twitter feeds and homepages run by Princess Vlei Forum. See The Bottom Road homeage to stay in tuned with more on Princess Vlei Forum: These images were taken from this homepage.


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