Manifesto by STEPS on Innovation, Sustainability and Development

The STEPS centre in the UK have now published their manifesto in four languages, they write in their recent newsletter. They have also been part of developing an African Manifesto on Science, Technology and Innovation. They write:

Innovation, Sustainability, Development: A New Manifesto has now been translated into Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish, after worldwide interest in the Manifesto. The translated versions can be downloaded for free from the project's website
New Manifesto: translated versions
New Manifesto: English version
Multimedia Manifesto (English only)

Adrian Ely, Manifesto convenor, attended the launch of the African Manifesto on Science, Technology and Innovation, held at the annual conference of the African Technology Policy Studies (ATPS) Network in Cairo. The Africa Manifesto calls for full socialization and democratic governance of STI in Africa, for Africans, by Africans as a pre-requisite for sustainable development in the continent. 

The STEPS Centre is an organization that "by acknowledging the interactions between social, technological and environmental factors in diverse local settings" aim "to create more sustainable, socially just and favourable conditions for the poor." They do this by "[u]niting development studies with science and technology studies" and "address two vital global challenges: 

  • how to link environmental sustainability with better livelihoods and health for poor people
  • how to make science and technology work to reduce poverty and increase social justice."


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