Food and ecological citizenship in response to climate change

The Environmental Anthropology e-mail list (EANTH-L) is many times a source of great inspiration. Joining it for me has meant guidance into various academic debates on the relation between society and nature, and also a source of where to find good literature as entrypoints into these debates. 

Just recently there has been an exchange on the literature on changes in food behaviour in response to climate change, triggered by a question from Lynn Vincentnathan. Here I just publish some of the references that I have picked up that might be an entrypoint for others. 

Johanna Wolf mentions her chapter on "behavioural changes in response to climate change among ecological citizens"

Wolf, J. (2010) “Ecological citizenship as public engagement” In: Whitmarsh, L., Lorenzoni, I., and O’Neill, S.J. Public Engagement with Climate Change – Behaviour Change and Communication, Earthscan, pp. 120-137.

Leah S. Horowitz mentioned:

Emel, J. and R. Hawkins 2010. Is it really easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of industrial meat? Human Geography 3(2): 35-48.

Randolf Haluza-DeLay writes:

"Look at people involved in permaculture, urban agriculture; vegetarians. All these three sorts of groups are, in my experience with local environmentalism, intentionally changing their food habits. See also Julian Agyeman’s blog – he might have something on this, as his forthcoming book is:

Alkon, A and Agyeman, J (eds) (forthcoming 2011) 'Cultivating Food Justice : Race, Class and Sustainability' (MIT Press)"


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