"Ecoducts" to move people and animals across motorways

There exist urban design on how to move people and animals across motorways. And they are beautiful too. Some call them "ecoducts" and here is one example from Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm.

The photo below shows two “ecoducts” across a motorway in Stockholm. It leads from a recreational area at the lower part of the photo to a residential area at the top part of the photo. The width makes it possible to plant trees and plants that in turn guides animals to pass the motorway, as well as humans, either walking on a bike! 

Others might have other suggestion. From our work on how Stockholm University can expand through "urban social-ecological design" (reported about earlier on this blog), we also have this kind of ecoduct with a "folded meadow" around the paths for walking, bicycling and trains that pass. Questions on how to do this, however, needs to be posed to my friend at KIT Architecture, Jonas Torsvall.  

Sharing urban spaces with animals and plants is something we are learning more and more about, and which "living cities" of course is full of (Living cities is a wonderful article from 2006 by Steve Hinchcliffe and Sarah Whatmore"Living cities: Towards a politics of conviviality"). 


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