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Deliverables and Publications from the Ways of Knowing Urban Ecologies project (2011-2016)

Below follows the deliverables from the grant I lead from Swedish Formas: Ways of Knowing Urban Ecologies (WOK-UE; Dnr: 250-2010-1372) between 2011 to 2016. This is not an exhaustive list as it doesn’t include contributions from all project members. If you like to have PDF-copies most can be downloaded from the authors’, Mendeley or ResearchGate home pages. You can also contact PI H Ernstson at his e-mail address here.
A.  Peer-reviewed publications (not exhaustive list)A1. Publications from WOK-UE* (2011-2016)2012Comanagement at the fringes: Examining stakeholder perspectives at Macassar Dunes, Cape Town, South Africa—at the intersection of high biodiversity, urban poverty, and inequality. Ecology and Society, 17(3).by Marnie Graham, M and Henrik Ernstson (2012). *Beyond the food desert: Finding ways to speak about urban food security in South Africa. Geografiska Annaler B 94 (2):141-159by Jane Battersby (2012)2013Re-translating nature in post-apartheid Cape Town: The mat…

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